Borderview Lodge – Lake of the Woods

We left Wisconsin at around 1:00 in the early evening and set out toward Lake of the Woods in Northern Minnesota. We removed Highway 53 north from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and drove up to Lake Superior and crossed the scaffold into Duluth, Minnesota. It was the principal seven day stretch of January and the weather conditions was appallingly breezy and cold. We proceeded with north on Highway 53 to Kabetogama Lake where we halted at two or three game shops to get a fishing report. The report said that they were getting a couple of late lake of the woods barge and general contracting services evening Walleyes and Crappies in the river. The terrible news was the chomp was incredibly sluggish and the chilly climate was staying put.

At the point when we showed up in Baudette, Minnesota, we halted, gassed up, got a few dances, little swedish pimples and a crate of hued snares. Red snares tipped with a minnow can be a hot tip on a sluggish nibble. We drove on to the Border View Lodge and unloaded our fishing gear and snatched a delayed supper at their dinner club-style relax. The main thing missing was the kinship of an old barkeep named Shorty that used to function as the bar chief. What an extraordinary day!

Friday – Time to Attack the Walleyes and Saugers

We began the morning with an extraordinary smorgasbord style breakfast in the Border View Lodge eating region. It was a great method for beginning the morning! We then, at that point, got our ice fishing gear and entered one of their floatable bombardiers and we were on out to the warmed ice shacks. We crossed the inlet, slithered over Pine Island lastly entered the large lake. It was just a brief time before we were fishing and the fervor of dropping that first line in the water was thrilling! We manipulated up our casting rods with dance n-minnows and turned on our profundity locaters. The morning began a little sluggish, however before the day’s over the five of us had gotten north of 100 Walleye and Sauger. For the most part Sauger, yet Dayna got a pleasant 24 inch Walleye that we delivered and my girl got around a four pound Eel Pout! We just kept 28 out of the forty fish which would have been our legitimate breaking point. That was okay since we realized we planned to have the kitchen concoct a portion of the fish at dinner time. The Eel Pout was the starter cut up into 1 inch squares and southern style with Border View’s hitter. It was exceptionally delicious! The following day was a rehash of the first – just kept around 20 Walleyes and Sauger. It was colder and the fish had closed down. In January, the fishing can go one way or the other and in the wake of fishing Lake of the Woods for a long time, I’ve found fishing in warm fronts than cold fronts is better.

About Border View

The fishing season ordinarily begins toward the beginning of December and will go into late March contingent upon weather patterns. The aides follow the fish and will move the shacks out increasingly far to keep their anglers on the fish. They additionally have sleeper shacks in the event that you like to be on the ice throughout the evening. I might want to return, play some pool and think back with different anglers, however that is me. From the center of February through March, you can likewise discover some amazing Northern Pike fishing and reef fishing around 20 miles across the lake. In this way, to have some good times, investigate the Border View Lodge right smack in the center of Minnesota’s Walleye Capitol. You won’t be disheartened!

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